Child Care Management Software

Child Care Management Software from Office Center has been the management software chosen by over 10,000 child and day care professionals for their child care center management software during the past 24 years in head to head comparisons of the top four child care management software vendors.

Office Center is the affordable choice in child care management software for those child care centers looking for a fully developed, full featured and mature child care software program, backed by a management that has always offered Unlimited Toll Free Technical Support and an Unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Child Care Software Maturity

Our child care management software has been developed over the last 24 years by listening to the management needs and functions of over 10,000 clients and giving their needs top priority in an easy to understand and easy to use format.

One of our most important goals is to develop long term relationships with our child care professionals to simplify their lives and reduce the stresses of their profession.

Our management software is currently operating in individual child care environments, church based child care centers, Montessori and private schools, hospitals, universities, child care corporate chains, the United States military and many school districts throughout the US and Canada, and as far away as Hong Kong.

Our Accounts Receivable module serves as the centralized collection point for tracking all of the financial data and all the information for child and day care centers many child and staff tracking, billing for both family and agency, scheduling, immunization and allergy tracking, record keeping, food program and accounting functions.

It serves as the management, organizational and financial backbone for the entire Office Center Child Care Management Software program.

Click for a Child Care Software Comparison Chart for Accounts Receivable features.

Eliminates Repetition

The Office Center software package is unmatched in its ease-of-use and flexibility with its custom designed navigation that allows you to "Skip with Open Forms" anywhere in its program to avoid the endless repetition of opening and closing numerous numbers of screens and countless mouse clicks!

This "Skipping with Open Forms" is the biggest time saver in getting your work done quickly and accurately, even when a child starts to cry or the telephone rings.  While older child care management program are repetitious, forcing the user to open and close pages over and over again, Office Center is friendly and efficient.  Office Center's simple to use design allows you to freely move from one family or child to another without having to open and close pages all the time.  That will save you valuable time and make your job easier.

Optional Child Care Software Modules

All other optional Office Center Child Care Management Software modules such as Accounts Payable, Payroll, General Ledger, Time Clock Accounting, Food Program, Multi Site Manager, and our sophisticated Corporate Software Module as well as our After School Program for School Districts all utilize this ability to "Skip with Open Forms" to enable you to get your work completed with simple elegance and with minimum effort. Network compatibility is included at NO extra charge!

Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 64 Bit Compatible.

Comparing "Ease of Use"

Nothing is as important in child care software as Ease of Use!

Does the management software under consideration follow the established Microsoft Windows design standards that most users are already comfortable with or does it have a unique and more confusing proprietary look and feel that will require more memorization of processes and procedures?

As you compare each vendors child care management software program by entering the Family Enrollment or Registration information into each potential vendors software DEMO, simply count the number of mouse clicks required and the number of screens that you must first open and then close in order to get your work done. Multiply this by the number of families enrolled at your center and you will soon see the amount of work required in using this vendor's software program. One phrase sums this up quite simply:

"Count the clicks and count the screens - you'll soon see what easy means."

Starting with our Value Modular Pricing and adding our Unlimited Toll Free Tech Support makes it easy to see why during the last 24 years, in Head to Head comparisons of the TOP FOUR child care software vendors, over 10,000 child care professionals, NASA, the U.S. Military and many entire School Districts have chosen Office Center as the child care management software to organize and manage their child and day care centers.

May we send you a FREE working DEMO of Office Center Child Care Management Software? We guarantee that it will organize your center & simplify your life, making it easier & less stressful while saving you both time & money!

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